Hair Guide

Addressing Hair Concerns

It’s thoroughly important to keep our hair ultra nourished, moisturized & hydrated so that we don’t fall prey to damaged hair and having to course correct it accordingly. Nilotiqa offers you simple solutions to ensure your kinks & coils are at their best.

Our goal is to empower you with these solutions to play more with your hair. Through playing, you’ll get to know a lot more about your hair & be more intune with its needs i.e. moisture, hydration, gentle cleansing or even a hair trim.

Let us help you find your groove.

Damaged Hair

Damage causes dryness & breakage

Excessive heat and tight styling on a regular basis can weaken the hair, leaving it dry, brittle & broken. Damage causes dryness & breakage, the two most common hair concerns found within our community. To reverse hair damage to get your kinks and coils back to their beautiful, vibrant coils, moisture & oil with gentle detangling, will surely bring them back to life.

Split Ends

When hair is damaged and peels back

Split ends occur when the protective outermost layer of hair (the cuticle) is damaged and peels back. Some treatments for split ends include: Brushing gently, or using your fingers to gently comb through your hair. Avoid towel-drying and use a t-shirt to remove the excess water from your hair. Always use a conditioner post shampoo-ing your hair or opt for a cleansing co-wash instead of using a shampoo Routinely use the Shea & Coco Collection’s Intensive Treatment Repair Mask The best way to rehydrate your hair is through gently cleansing your scalp & hair followed with locking in moisture.

Product Build Up

Meaning water alone cannot break up the product in your hair.

This is the accumulation of products in your hair. This can happen if you use a product that is not water soluble, meaning water alone cannot break up the product in your hair. Commonly, products containing silicone or products that are oil-based are the biggest culprits. To eliminate product build up, use gentle cleansing products that deeply cleanse your hair without leaving it dry. Products required include.

Dehydrated Hair

Water is a key nutrient for your hair

Most people confuse dehydrated hair with dry hair. While the tell tell signs are similar, there is one key defining factor that will signify your hair to be dehydrated. Excessive tangling. Dehydrated hair happens when there is a lack of water. Simply put, water is a key nutrient for your hair and when there is a significant lack of it, your strands won't be able to retain any moisture. The best way to rehydrate your hair is through gently cleaning your scalp supported with a protein enriched mask, which you will rinse off after 20 minutes.

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