Our Story

We stand to promote and celebrate hair in all its’ natural forms

Brand Statement

We offer a solution to allow black women to retain moisture that is necessary for healthy hair maintenance and healthy hair growth. Whether your hair is in protective styling, an au natural fro, or whether you’re transitioning, our goal is to help keep your hair as healthy as possible. Created by a Black Woman for Black Women to nurture, protect and care for their kinks and coils. A proudly South African brand where rich, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients are sourced from South Africa and Africa

Thoko's Story


"Where most products aimed at black women speak to how to curl and style your hair, and offer you many ways to alter the structure of your hair, I wanted to create a product that was specifically suited for my type of hair, not to change it but to keep it in its healthiest and most natural form“


Born and bred in Kagiso, South Africa, Thokozile’s search for deep moisturizing & nourishing hair care products proved to be a challenge. Finding no solution to relieve her extremely dry hair, she engaged in intense research and experimentation of natural ingredients that included Shea butter and Marula oil as a solution to her suffering.


What proved to be an interesting & unintentional path, this woman, equipped with a Master’s in IT and over 8 years experience under her belt, answered a need so many women like her were desperate to satisfy. Moisture replenishment, daily hydration, ultimate nourishment & easy & manageable styling of hair in its’ most natural state.


NIL – O – TI – KA

What we Stand for


We stand to promote and celebrate hair in all its’ natural forms.


We pride ourselves in sourcing only the best, natural, qualitative, nutritive ingredients from the African soil


Our products are free from chemicals; parabens; sulphates; mineral oil; waxes; formaldehyde & petroleum.


We are cruelty free.

Born out of love to empower you to be the best version of you.

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