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HaircareWhat makes Nilotiqa different

As black women with natural hair we’ve all come face to face with the uncomfortable and often embarrassing question of ‘So when will you do your hair?’ Because our hair is not considered ‘done’ when it is in its natural state. This is a perception that has formed a huge part of our relationship with our hair. “Where most products are aimed at black women speak to how to curl and style your hair, and offer you many ways to alter the structure of your hair, I wanted to create a product that was specifically suited for my type of hair; not to change it but to keep it in its healthiest form”, founder of Nilotiqa, Thokozile Mangwiro says. Through our research, we found that African hair is characterized by kinky curls and grows closer to the scalp. It is the structure of the hair that makes it challenging for the hair’s natural oils to travel down the hair strands to its tips. Nilotiqa is the solution to maintaining hair’s natural moisture. Nilotiqa isn’t selling black women dreams about how it’ll change their hair to something so different they won’t recognize themselves. It is offering a solution that allows them a way to retain the moisture that their hair requires for healthy maintenance and growth – which is often tarnished by the use of inorganic products and many years of use of harmful products aimed at altering the form of our already beautiful hair. Whether you wear a weave or braids, Nilotiqa is aimed at keeping what is beneath, which is your natural hair, in its healthiest state.

Market research has revealed that 70% of African women with natural hair battle when it comes to finding hair products that can retain the moisture of their hair. This leads to damage to the protective layer of the hair, hair thinning, dandruff, hair falling out, receding hairlines and several other challenges which impact on
the hair’s health and aesthetics.

These challenges persist with a lack of research being invested to cater specifically to the African hair market, with a one-size-fits-all approach being used to save on costs on research and development which have inadvertently turned African women to their personal chemists – mixing different ingredients to see if they would be suitable for their hair.

In responding to these challenges and having personally gone through the daunting task of finding a solution, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of hair care brand Nilotiqa, Thokozile Mangwiro invested in ground-breaking research
which unveiled ingredients that are specifically suited for African hair. Nolitiqa formulates and manufactures solutions for African hair issues. All the ingredients are found in South Africa except for the Shea butter which is the inspiration for the brand.

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